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The best and biggest DIY e-liquid/ejuice database and calculator! Store, share, comment, adapt ejuice recipes here. Flavor stash, ratings, private recipes, cost calculation. Works on iPhone and Android. Recipes for TFA/TPA (Flavor/Perfumer's apprentice), Flavour Art, Capella and all others 99Juices is a community curated DIY e-juice recipe site dedicated to bringing the world the most delicious e-liquid recipes It's up to you to make e-liquid that will perfectly suit your personal taste! Creating your own DIY Recipes allows you to choose the flavours, the base and amount of nicotine to create a unique e-liquid, totally adapted to your taste. Save money by creating your own e-liquid preparations

1. Find a recipe and study it Check out the DIY e-liquid recipes and choose the one you like. Make sure you understand it. There might be some abbreviations in the recipe, learn what they mean before you get down to mixing stuff: - PG stands for Propylene Glycol. It is the most frequently used e-liquid base These e-liquid recipes are 100% unique and crafted by the community. VCT: An extremely satisfying fruit blend, coming from the black honey and custard combination. This is a great e-liquid recipe that will be sure to feed your sweet tooth whilst still providing a decent hint of tobacco. VG50/PG50 Base (No nicotine specified A very simple e-liquid recipe to get you started in DIY from the winner of the 2nd DIYorDIE World Mixing Championship, ID10-T. Only two ingredients for a total of 12% flavoring, this one is easy to mix and not so easy to leave down after a week's steep

11142 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found. Filter . Original Recipes; All Yes No Sort . New A-Z Z-A Popular Most Mixed Hottest By Rating Simplest VTA Caramel Affogoto & Cream: Originally this was Folkart's Ice Cream Drowned which is basically a Affogoto Coffee which is as Folkart descibed it (Affogato is the Italian word for drowned, it's a mildly sweet. With the application E-Liquid Recipes you can: - Select and mix a delicious ejuice for your steam generator - Add your own recipes and share them with other users - Add recipes to favorite LiquidBook is the biggest vaping community platform. Calculate, publish and find recipes for e-liquid recipes. Fill your inventory with ingredients, mix your batches and be notified when steeping period is finished. Join communities and follow other fellow members and keep informed of new recipes coming out E-Liquid Recipes. Each of these recipes combines several of our signature ingredients: E-Flavors™ professional e-liquid flavor concentrates. E-Base™ unflavored nicotine base. Diluted (liquid) nicotine. Propylene glycol (PG) Vegetable glycerin (VG) DIY accessories

E liquid Recipes clones. In many cases, e liquid recipes clones are just close to the most popular e juices. Nevertheless, they have the distinction of being in the same vein as the copied juice, thus avoiding a disappointment. E juice recipe clones - Tribeca (+8,500 views on Pinterest Top 5 Best DIY E-Liquid Recipes #1 Goofy's Juice by Stafylidis Vladimiros. A coveted original, Goofy's Juice has quite a loyal following, and for good reason. The rich flavors of peanuts and hazelnuts linger, tantalizing your taste buds from puff to puff. The addition of acetyl pyrazine builds on the nuttiness yet provides balance With the application E-Liquid Recipes you can: - Select and mix a delicious ejuice for your steam generator. - Add your own recipes and share them with other users. - Add recipes to favorites. - Comment recipes and flavors. - Rate the recipes and flavors. - Creating recipes on the basis of existing. - Share recipes with friends

Browse a list of the most popular e-liquid recipes on 99Juices. These are our highest rated recipes Inw cherries pushin to 1.25% keeps it non medicinal, and slaps your tits off. Fa apricot and fa pear dippin in at 1% moistens and depth-defies. Flv Moscato is a white grape that slaps your mouth for talkin back to it..35% gives another layer of depth to the cherry Hi all, for the past 9 months I've been DIY'ing a Nicsalt recipe that I created using the e-Liquid Recipe calculator. Previously I used a premixed 50/50 25mg nicsalt that I purchased from Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers. With the new laws in place I decided to purchase PG, VG, and Nicotine in separate bottles DIY Vape Recipes is a website where you can find and mix e-liquid recipes, or you can use its intuitive e-liquid recipe calculator, to create your own from scratch. Read More. Support Us The development and the maintenance of this website, requires quite an effort. If you think that it's useful enough, then you could help us and support this. Recipes for making e-liquids, used in vaping. DIY Vape Recipes is a website where you can find and mix e-liquid recipes, or you can use its intuitive e-liquid recipe calculator, to create your own from scratch

Jan 25, 2019 - Explore Pocket Perfume's board E-Liquid Recipes on Pinterest. See more ideas about e juice recipe, eliquid recipe, recipes The Alchemist E-Liquid Recipes: From time to time we will offer up an original Alchemist Designed original recipe, where, on the selected weeks - you will be able to purchase all 5 flavours needed for the recipe,at a special discounted price. Unleash The Alchemist in you with what will become a vast array of magical concoctions and beautiful blended recipes Diy e liquid recipes for diy e liquid mixes. Using larger amounts of flavor doesn't necessarily translate into a more flavorful vape. Top 5 best diy e liquid recipes in recent years, diy eliquids have developed from a niche hobby into one of the thriving community of talented mixologists 60ml/70pg/30vg/nico base strength 100mg (pg)/nico sterkte 12%/mint 15% (pg) dieverina 29-03-2020. Read More. 7% water. jeroen50 11-01-2020. Read More. 70/30 VG PG / 100 MG Salt Nicotine. martijnmuller73 24-01-2021. Read More E-Liquid Recipes - A Reference Library for the Do It Yourselfers www.kritikalmass.net E-Liquid Recipes www. Here is a list of links for diy e-liquid recipe sites that you will find very helpful. If there are any links we have missed, feel free to contact us so that we may add them to this list. Vape on and vape proud

E Liquid Calculator. Use our Mix Wizard E-Liquid calculator to create & save your DIY e-liquid recipes. Create a recipe from scratch like a pro or calculate how much nicotine to add to your doubler / vape juice Mar 2, 2018 - Explore G-Force Z28's board E-liquid Recipes on Pinterest. See more ideas about e juice recipe, diy vape juice, eliquid recipe

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These products are known by a myriad of different names such as e-liquid, vape juice, e-juice, salt nic, and more. That being said, they all refer to the inhalation of atomized vapor. Many of the e-cigs you come across contain nicotine, but manufacturers are well aware that people use vapes to quit smoking. For this reason, they also offer vape. A list of all Vape e-liquid recipes on 99Juices. The largest repository of Vape e-juice recipes on the internet Simple Diy E Liquid Recipes. The cookie consists of a shortbread sugar cookie kinda on the vanilla side with a wicked maple syrup cream in the middle. And before you know it you'll be creating recipes with 4 or 5 layers, all filled with the brim with pairs that you've created today. It takes time, so don't rush it LiquidBook is the biggest vaping community platform. Calculate, publish and find recipes for e-liquid recipes The best e-liquid recipes and our unique, easy to use e-liquid mixing calculator, offer users the chance to create, share and review their own and other members e-liquid recipes

E-liquid recipes - a collection of vape juice recipes. Make your own vape liquid at home, just the way you like it. We have hundreds of simple recipes to try E-Liquid Recipes 11 Aralık 2013 Çarşamba. Serendipity's Tribute Clone. Serendipity's Tribute Clone. Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice. Pear 15% Lychee 4% Cinnamon 1% By: Serendipity-nh Notes: add 1 drop Smooth for every 10 ml. If you like, bump up cinnamon to 2% Göndere

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Best E-liquid Recipes : Liquid DIY did not involve creating any of the below e-liquid recipes, they are some of the most popular recipes, gathered from the best recipes websites e.g E-liquid-recipes and Alltheflavors.com, just for ease of your use Check out the episode and get the DIY e-liquid recipe here Continue Reading → All Recipes , Candies & Cereals , Live Mixing , RECIPES , VIDEOS blog , cereal , live mixing , news , RECIPES , video recipe_id Name Description Profile Mixologist Released Flavours Notes Upvotes external_id user_avatar recipe_created recipe_total_flavour_percent recipe_steep_time recipe_updated orig_recipe_id recipe_image; recipe_id Name Description Profile Mixologist Released Flavours Notes Upvotes external_id user_avata

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A usefull tool for vapers. Expanding database of e-liquid recipes. E-liquid recipes, flavors, stash, favorite recipes, followers, normalizer, ratings, comments, vape. Goofy's Juice. This is a dessert and tobacco fusion recipe, which comes from e-liquid-recipes.com. ELR is one of the top recipe submission and rating sites. With this recipe, the creator suggests steeping it for 20 days. The recipe has a solid five-star rating that's based on more than 280 votes from people who tried it E-Liquid Recipes. 78 likes. Liquid Recipes is a convenient website for sharing recipes according to which you can make your own e-liquid / e juice recipes. Our service offers a e liquid calculator..

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A free, online DIY e-Liquid mixing app, featuring a mixing calculator, recipe storage, flavor management and more #letsmix #diyeliquidrecipesMango Peach Soda - http://alltheflavors.com/recipes/163136Staybert's Citraspberry Soda - http://alltheflavors.com/recipes/148968DI..

E-Liquid Recipes using Capella Flavourings, available from The Alchemists Cupboard Capella Flavourings are very versatile and can be used to make some absolutely stunning and top quality E- Liquids. Everyone's taste is different, and what may be a strong flavour to one person may not be so strong to another, in addition some flavours are. Seduce Juice Clones. Snake Bite: 5% - Green Apple Concentrate (Capella) 3% - Bavarian Cream (TPA) 1% - Coconut Extra (TPA) 0.5% - Lemon Juice, this is like a drop per 5ml. Snake Oil: 3% - Bavarian Cream (TFA Become a patron of E-Liquid Recipes - e-liquid-recipes.com today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world's largest membership platform for artists and creators DIY E Liquid Recipes There's a variety of reasons why people blend their own eliquid recipes - for some, it's cheaper, for others it's about getting the mix just right. But it's big and there are entire websites dedicated to DIY eliquid recipes, that come from the obsession of creating a great new blend

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  1. http://www.darthvaporreviews.comAn unboxing and demonstration on the DIY Ejuice Starter Kit by Liquid Barn. If you're an adult looking to make your own premi..
  2. Blueberry Parfait Eliquid - Commercial Recipe Break down; D'ohnut ejuice - Max VG; Lemon Tart & Strawberry Fog; Most Popular. Hey I'm john and Welcome to diy eliquid recipes. Today's video will be a little different than the usual
  3. E-liquid Recipes. 681 likes. E-liquid Recipes. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page

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  1. DIY E Liquid Recipes for DIY E Liquid mixes. Save money and createyour own E Juice using our simple DIY E Liquid Recipes
  2. e-Liquid Recipes. VapeMoar's Autumn Spice E-Juice Review Saa K Jul 2, 2017 0. If you are looking for an e-liquid that was specifically made for the autumn season, check out Autumn Spice from Jolly Ranchers e-juice recipe Apr 2, 2016. Blueberry Mint e-Juice recipe Apr 1, 2016. Recent Posts.
  3. Fairly new to DIY, was very excited to give this recipe a shot after reading the reviews and seeing it mentioned on r/diy_e. It's probably a bit unfair to judge this quickly, but as a shake and vape, and after 24 hours, it's pretty awful
  4. We found the best THC e liquid recipes online, combined them, experimented with them and came up with what we think is the best and easiest liquid marijuana recipe available. This process produces some incredibly potent thc e liquid from loose leaf cannabis. You can use shake or already vaped bud (AVB)
  5. In fact, the key to succeed these e-liquid recipes is to accompany the tobacco taste without ever distorting it by being very cautious. The second crucial phase for success is the maturation time granted by the vaper. And there, you really have to be patient to get an awesome e-juice, all day vape. We indicate 4 to 6 weeks of steep on average

E-LIQUID RECIPES (SALT NIC) Showing all 4 results. Creamy Bacco (Salt Nic) E-LIQUID RECIPES (SALT NIC) $ 19.99. Rated 0 out of 5. Custardy Lovechild (Salt Nic) E-LIQUID RECIPES (SALT NIC) $ 19.99. Rated 0 out of 5. Sour Melon Candy (Salt Nic) E-LIQUID RECIPES (SALT NIC) $ 19. Single Flavor E Juice Recipes. Single flavor diy e juice e juice recipes with my flavors e liquid recipes top 10 most por in 2021 diy tips for navigating the flavor page and optional choices beginners e liquid recipes foru

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E-Liquid Chat > E-Liquid Recipes; Pages: [1] 2 Go Down Subject Started by Replies Views Last post ; murry mint: wenlock: 2 32674 April 15, 2015, 06:08:13 PM by gruff: Piney Peach: SC_Sammy: 6 6311 November 04, 2013, 05:39:31 PM by Fiona: Blueberry Flavor: andrew_jay: 3 4785. Mixing With Lee - DIY E-liquid Recipes Ready to have a blast at making your own DIY E-liquid? We'll be posting some awesome new recipes to try out weekly on this page, all of the recipes posted in our online recipe book are original custom made recipes created by Lee, the owner and founder of prime vapes. Check back o Understanding an e-liquid recipe. Here's an example of one of my recipes on E-liquid-recipes.com. At the top of the e-liquid recipe you have Nicotine, PG and then VG. These are your base ingredients. Next it lists the flavours used along with the company that makes it

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This e-liquid recipe consists of two key ingredients that make up 12% of the flavoring. The recipe is not only easy to mix but hard to leave it down after steeping for a week. Ingredients: Vanilla Custard: This is the most essential custard flavor for DIY e-juice mixers. In this e-liquid recipe, only 4% is used to provide creaminess to the cookie This 'Birthday Cake' E-liquid is one of the most popular and unique E-liquid recipes. Thanks to its subtle mix of flavors, it's sweet but not too sweet. It combines a hint of candy, cake frosting, and all the feel-good vibes of a delicious slice of birthday cake

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There are plenty of recipes online so I suggest you scan the internet for a few recipes. This is the most basic method that will give you the necessary steps to create cannabis e-juice that can be used in every vape pen on the market. What makes this method so awesome is that it is almost impossible to tell if you're vaping an e-cig or weed. So here is the Vaping 101 on what e-liquid consists of and which vape juice ingredients to avoid. What's in Vape Juice? In order to create that smooth flavor, E-juice contains base ingredients consisting of PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or both

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Recipes. Put your nicotine base strength in your recipe title. Non dimenticare di scrivere la forza della base da lei usata nel titolo. Vergessen Sie nicht, die Stärke der Basis im Titel zu schreiben. We do not cover all flavours, if you want us to add yours please use the contact form. You have to register and be logged in in order to save. E-Liquid-Recipes.com MakeMyVape.com The thing to realise is that a lot of these flavour concentrate manufacturers make concentrates that are spectacular alonetake toasted marshmallow or banoffee pie for example: start out by trying them alone with your PG/VG/Nic blend and thereafter you add and mix when you're not 100% happy with the. USA Mix E-Liquid. 14 reviews. from $12.99. USA Mix is a strong yet smooth and satisfying tobacco flavor. USA Mix e-liquid will surely satisfy your vapor cravings. Quick shop. Choose options E-Liquid Recipes One mixture per thread please. If it is not a recipe, IT DOES NOT BELONG HERE. Page 2 of 80 < Prev 1. DIY E-Liquid Recipe Mixing Calculator With Ten Flavors. If you are New to E-Liquid Calculators, You may want to try this one out first. #1 Simple E-Juice Calculator. To see All the Calculators: All E-liquid Calculators With this E-Liquid Calculator, You can use up to Ten Flavors

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DIY E-Liquid - Recipes. Make a GREAT e-liquid? List your best DIY recipes here! Requests. Requests. Threads 817 Messages 5.3K. More. Threads 817 Messages 5.3K. CV Blue Candy. Jul 5, 2021; Chainvapor Cereals are a great option as they translate very well to e-liquid recipes. From fluffy rice crisps to sweet, fruity, pebbly loops of crunch all drowned in a generous helping of milk. Or those nut clusters that leave your mouth with notes of oats, honey and coconut Designing your own e-liquid allows you to dose the aromas, choose the base and the nicotine level to create a unique e-liquid that is totally suited to the way to vape and tastes. Go to our Recipe section to find a flavor preparation that suits you or simply to reproduce a clone of a commercially available e-liquid Check out my e-liquid recipes guide, or go to ELR or ATF and rank recipes by ratings for some tried and true mixes. For the sake of this example, I will be using a very simple two-flavor mix—ELR user's TheJuiceFairy OhoSsOhO (Tribecca-ish) recipe , calling for 3% FA Meringue and 10% FA Soho—a sweet caramel and nut-infused tobacco

Posts about E-liquid Recipe written by the4tmlco. This is the start of our NEW feature. I like being able to give back with my experiences, So allow me to share some FREE recipes with you DIY E-JUICE: Are you a DIY person? Do you like making your own e-liquid? At VapingZone we want to make vaping a better experience for you and supply you with the ultimate DIY e-juice supplies for your eGo e-cigarette and e-cig mod needs. We have propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, menthol crystals DIY vape juice, and much more

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What marketing strategies does E-liquid-recipes use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for E-liquid-recipes The 6 Best Tobacco E Liquid Recipes You Can T Miss. Vanilla Bean Dream Vape Juice. Apple Jacks Recipe Clone Clones E Liquid Recipes Forum. Buttery4 Ejuice Recipe Idea By Jennifer Jarvis Flavorah Flv. 2174 Best E Juice Recipes Images E Juice Recipe Diy Vape Juice Best blueberry e liquid flavor west diy blueberry extra suggestions flavors e liquid recipes forum blueberry flavoring natural lorann diy blue swirls diy e liquid blueberry custard recipe you retro cheesecake waltz e juice nicvape ejuice recipe idea blueberry cake bites flavorah flv blueberry e liquid 10ml by vado uk 60ml Blue Slush E-Liquid Shortfill. This is ready to vape, just add the nic shot to the E-Liquid shortfill, shake, add to your tank and vape. You will get 50ml of vape juice in a 60ml bottle which is enough room for the Nic Shot. 3mg Starter Kit. This comes with everything you need to make 250ml of E-Liquid; 50ml of concentrate with V g and nic. Bomb Sauce E-Liquid Alien Piss brings together the sour and tart tastes of blueberries and raspberries with the tangy flavor of ice cold lemonade to delight your taste buds. Carefully crafted with a 70 VG/30 PG formula, the blue raspberry vape juice provides flavor of galactic proportions, while your exhales will produce thick, robust clouds

DROPS E-Liquid Variety Pack - 5 15ml Bottles | NicVapeArtery Nugget Review | Planet of the Vapes3 Immunity Boosting Juices for Toddlers + Kids — Baby

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Whether your e-liquid priority is taste or variety, VaporFi has you covered. Our non-tobacco nicotine vape juices are blended with amazing flavors. Start with some of our favorite options in the VaporFi E-liquids and Salts Collection, but don't forget to check our fruit and dessert e-juice flavors before you're done E liquid recipes allows you to instantly plug in all the information you need to create your very own e juice recipes. From the amount of ml to make, to your desired pg/vg ratio . There is also a notes section where you can everything relevant to your recipes including the flavoring you add, etc Banana Custard Flavour Concentrate DIY for e-Liquid Recipe. Rated. 5.00. out of 5. From: $ 10.50. Select options Select options. Add to wishlist Add to wishlist. Compare Compare. Quick View Quick View Giving you the ultimate choice of over 3,500 e-liquid flavours and saving you time and money in the process. Bakery & Desserts. Cereal 23 Cheesecake 27 Cookies 44 Donut 35 Pancake 5 Waffle 12 Show All » Berry Fruits. Blueberry 262. Straight Up E-Liquid Saltnic Apple. E-Liquid, Premium E-Liquid, Salt Nic, Straight Up. Straight Up E-Liquid Saltnic Apple. The Best tasting Peach you'll ever vape, Peach on Peach on Peach! Blend of Yellow Peaches, Juicy Peach and Peach! Now available in saltnic. SKU: n/a. R 180.00. Select options

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2.E-Liquid Recipes: 32 Flavors of Vape. (Dirty Joe's TOBACCO E-Juice mix list.) Tags: Vaping recipes, vaping juice, vape, ejuice recipes, eliquid recipes, Toon meer Toon minder. Productspecificaties. Inhoud. Taal Engels Bindwijze Paperback. Liquid Barn Collection. Classic, authentic flavors designed by Liquid Barn. Mix and match to create your own recipes Calculators can be used to turn your ideas into a reality, making it easier for you to build a recipe from scratch or simply adapt a recipe you're already love just a little bit more personal. We have added a few sites from which you may use it's features to make your DIY Journey a smooth sailing endeavor. For those taking DIY to the next level. Welcome to DIY Flavours, a one-stop marketplace for e-juice ingredients, including flavoring, bases, bottles and tools, and news and breakthroughs regarding vaping. DIY Flavours is a family-run business based out of Abbotsford, BC, Canada. We cater to those interested in supplying or purchasing their own eJuice juice ingredients

DrDrops Fresh Menthol E-Juice | NicVapeChoose NicVape for all your E-Liquid Ingredients andLS Vanilla Cupcake - LifeSmoke Vapors